10kg tumble dryer

Discover Your Perfect 10kg Tumble Dryer with Hotpoint UK

Welcome to Hotpoint UK, your reliable partner in home appliances for over 110 years. We are committed to delivering trusted and efficient solutions for your home and particularly, your laundry. This page is centred on one of our stellar products – the 10kg tumble dryer – designed to meet your laundry requirements with ease, comfort, and efficiency.

Unravelling the Efficiency of 10kg Tumble Dryers

Our 10kg tumble dryers are not just about handling large volumes of laundry. They are optimized with specific technologies and product features to ensure your clothes get the best care possible.

ActiveCare Technology

Offering an innovative solution to fabric care, ActiveCare technology reduces fabric wear-out by up to 40%*. This innovative technology creates a gentle environment for your clothes, preserving their quality and prolonging their lifespan.

Fibre Protect Plus

To further ensure the preeminent care for your clothes, our tumble dryers are equipped with Fibre Protect Plus. This exclusive technology combines distinct sets of drying conditions to guarantee utmost care for your fabrics. It is a promise of superior care regardless of the type of fabric – ensuring your clothes retain their original quality.

The Ultimate Energy Savers

In addition to extraordinary fabric care, our 10kg tumble dryers are ecological champions, realising significant energy savings.

Heat Pump Technology

Heat Pump technology enables our dryers to recycle and reuse hot air during the drying process, providing a gentler drying method and reducing energy consumption.

Eco Tech

With Eco Tech, every 10kg tumble dryer is an epitome of energy efficiency. As an threshold stamp of our commitment to sustainability, Eco Tech reinforces the energy-saving capability of our dryers – giving you excellent drying performance with lower energy use.

Intuitive Functionality and User-Friendliness

Engineered with you in mind, our 10kg tumble dryers are easy to use and loaded with intuitive features.

Easy Iron program

Featuring innovative technologies like the Easy Iron program, our dryers help prevent creases and wrinkles, making ironing a breeze.

Anti Allergy program

Additionally, the Anti Allergy program, endorsed by Allergy UK, ensures the removal of major allergens – providing you and your family a safe, clean and healthy laundry.

Final Care

We also offer you the convenience of our Final Care feature that keeps your laundry tangle-free and avoid creases for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends.

Get the Perfect 10kg Tumble Dryer Today

Uncover the future of laundry care with Hotpoint’s 10kg tumble dryers. Start experiencing efficient drying, compelling energy savings, and comprehensive fabric care today. Browse our selection and identify the perfect 10kg tumble dryer that fits your premium laundry needs. In case of queries or support needs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service.

Note: *Results based on tests conducted on cotton cycle with ActiveCare option activated.

“Why our 10kg Tumble Dryer is Perfect for Large Households”

Optimum Load Management

Large households often mean an increased volume of laundry and our 10kg tumble dryer is more than up to the task. It is not just about the space, but the smart load management in play. The tumble dryers are designed to accommodate a sizeable amount of laundry without compromises on care or efficiency.

Advanced Sensor Drying

The 10kg tumble dryers are equipped with sensor drying technology which adapts the drying cycle to the moisture level inside the drum. This means that the dryer stops as soon as the desired dryness is reached – saving both energy and time. Such advanced care does not only ensure optimal drying but also protects your clothes from over-drying and the associated heat damages.

Built-in Crease Care

Packed with multiple features aimed at making life easier for large households, our tumble dryers come with a built-in crease care system. This innovative feature gently tumbles the clothes at the end of the cycle, reducing the need for ironing and freeing up more time for family activities.

The Ease of Delicate Drying

Large households usually mean a diverse range of fabric types. Luckily, our 10kg tumble dryers are versatile and delicate on all fabrics. With the ‘Delicate Wool Finish,’ your woollen items get the care they deserve, effectively drying all items without causing shrinkage or damage.

The Convenience of Delay Start

To top it all off, the 10kg tumble dryers offer the convenience of a Delay Start feature. This programmable timer allows you to set the drying cycle to begin at a time suited to your schedule – making it ideal for sizable, on-the-go families.

Innovative and Intuitive Design

The intuitive interface on our 10kg tumble dryers is a nod to user-friendliness. It is incredibly easy to navigate, allowing you to select and customise cycles according to your needs.

Stylish and Durable

Durability is vital for household appliances, and our 10kg tumble dryers are built to last. With a sturdy, stylish design, these dryers seamlessly integrate into your home’s aesthetics while promising a long lifespan, no matter how often you run them.

Embrace the perfect blend of capacity, efficiency, and advanced care for your clothes with the Hotpoint 10kg tumble dryer – the true companion for large households.

“Unveiling the Superior Capacity of the 10kg Tumble Dryer”

Experience Speed and Efficiency

Harnessing the power of our innovative technology, the 10kg tumble dryer’s substantial capacity not only handles more laundry but does so faster. Having a larger load capacity enables you to dry more clothes simultaneously, thereby reducing the number of cycles required and, in return, saving time and minimising energy use.

Flexible and Spacious Drum Design

To support its substantial capacity, our 10kg tumble dryers are fitted with a flexible and spacious drum design. This design ensures a gentle yet effective tumble for a larger quantity of clothes, maintaining optimum performance without compromising on fabric care.

Meticulous Design with Large Door Opening

In line with their superior capacity, our 10kg tumble dryers are designed with large door openings. This carefully considered feature means that you can load and unload the dryer swiftly and easily, even when dealing with bulky items such as bed linens.

Adept at Handling Bulky Items

When it’s time to refresh those larger items, the 10kg tumble dryer is your go-to appliance. With its remarkable capacity, you can efficiently dry bulky items such as duvets, bed linens, and large towels. This is particularly beneficial for homes with large families or those who frequently need to dry bulky items.

Incorporating Smart Technology

Our 10kg tumble dryer encompasses cutting-edge smart technology as part of its superior capacity. For instance, our intelligent Sensor IQ program automatically stops the drying cycle once the desired dryness level is achieved, ensuring your laundry is perfectly dry and preventing any energy wastage.

Maintaining Superior Airflow

A crucial component of effective drying is maintaining superior airflow, a key aspect incorporated in our 10kg tumble dryers. Despite their large capacity, they uphold optimal airflow which ensures faster and uniform drying, resulting in laundry that’s perfectly dry and ready for use.

Efficient, spacious, and time-saving, the exceptional capacity of our 10kg tumble dryer is designed to meet and surpass your laundry demands. Invest in the 10kg tumble dryer, and indulge in a laundry management system that cares for your clothes as much as you do.